Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Used Unipress Equipment

Last month, we shared some information about the new Unipress Hurricane Double Buck Shirt Unit that was unveiled at the 2015 Clean Show.  It is an impressive piece of shirt laundry equipment and will most likely entice many operators to upgrade.  Translation – that Hurricane will have to replace something, and I see an opportunity for others to upgrade to a high-quality piece of Used Unipress equipment while saving some money.  Here are three great Used Unipress pieces out on the market right now:

• The Unipress NT, the first in the Lightning Series, boasts features like a contoured chest, side air bags, and dual timers.  It is a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment that has stood the test of time.  While this press is no longer in production, parts are still readily available should a need for repairs arise. 
• A piece of Used Unipress equipment we really like is the second generation in the Lightning Series – the Unipress AP.  It can produce 90 shirts per hour on a double buck and 50 per hour on a single buck.  Not only does the AP produce a beautiful shirt, it also has an open design for easy maintenance, microprocessor controls with self-diagnosis, and is easy to operate. 
• Unipress LS – This press is the third in the Lightning Series and is designed to produce the highest-quality shirt, increase piece count, and reduce labor costs.  Features we love include foot operated clamps, scheduled maintenance notifier, and microprocessor controls with self-diagnosis.

No matter what piece of used laundry or dry cleaning equipment you are looking for, make sure you work with a reputable company that discloses what repair work has been done on the equipment.  We fully disclose all repair work before selling any piece of used equipment.  Additionally, many distributors sell used equipment as is.  We offer a 90 day parts only warranty many of our pieces of used laundry or dry cleaning equipment.

If you need assistance selling or purchasing equipment, call Kevin Lawson at 866-885-5218 or visit our website

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