Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Parker Boiler’s New Vertical Water Wall

Everyone has their own set of thrills.  For instance, some guys get excited about cars; my wife tends to be enthusiastic when it comes to jewelry; my blogger is motivated by chocolate; and I have a thing for boilers.  So, imagine my reaction when I learned that Parker Boiler has a new process boiler under development.  While this sort of thing isn’t new to Parker – their engineers are constantly developing, reworking, and improving equipment and processes, and even though their Water Wall tubing design and the Low NOx Metal Fiber burner system is top notch, they’ve found yet another way to improve upon it.
Here are just a few advantages when choosing this model:
  • Safety – Parker’s tube bundle is extremely flexible and provides a long-life with a 25-year warranty against thermal shock.
  • Large Heating Surface – This provides increased efficiency, long boiler life, and reduces chances of scaling.
  • Sealed Combustion – Reduces the heat loss and increases efficiency to 84%.
  • Variable Speed Blower – which provides a wide turn-down ratio for production matching steam supply, saving on utility costs.
  • Internal Accessibility -- Cabinet inspection panels are easily removed for service access to the burner, tubes, and steam storage drum.
  • Heavy Insulated Cabinet – The cabinet is constructed to effectively reduce heat loss.
Plus, we get all the great Parker traits we have all grown to expect like 100PSI in 10 minutes and extra dry steam from the large horizontal steam drum.  Of course, this model will be manufactured in conformance with UL Standard 795 & ASME-CSD-1.  But to top it all off, this Parker Boiler from 9.6 H.P to 24 H.P will easily pass through a 35” door .......BAM!!!

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