Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tips for Finding a Qualified Dry Cleaning and Laundry Mechanic

These days, most dry cleaners, commercial launderers, and laundromat owners have at least some mechanical abilities, but there are times when there is a breakdown that’s simply beyond your capabilities.  We suggest that you have a plan in place before that situation arises – and trust me, it will.  Establish a relationship with a reputable mechanic or company now so that when an emergency does happen, you are prepared.  But don’t trust your business to any Joe down the road, do your homework.

Before hiring an outside mechanic or contractor, check the following:

•    Ask for references from potential mechanics – In this business, it’s a small world and word of mouth is everything.  While you should ask for contact information for several of their customers, odds are that you know someone nearby that’s used them as well.  Talk to those folks; they will definitely give you honest information. 
•    Training & Experience – Training and certification really depends on the kind of repairs they will be doing.  There are lots of qualified guys out there that have no formal training but years of experience and are really, really good at what they do.  But when it comes to working on dry cleaning machines, boilers, hot water systems, and water chillers, training and experience with refrigeration along with a license is important.  Bottom line on normal mechanical issues is that it usually takes 3-5 years to become a proficient dry cleaning/laundry mechanic.
•    Warranty – Make sure to hire a mechanic or company that stands behind their work. 
•    Insurance – Perhaps the most important but often not asked about item is -- are they insured?  They should have liability and workers comp insurance at a minimum.

Tri-State Laundry Equipment Company has a distinctively skilled staff with over 25 years of experience in the business.  Our trained staff includes those with refrigeration certifications and experience in machine & tooling, electronic evaluation, sonic hydronic testing, and pipe fitting – just to name a few.  Whether it’s a small repair or a large job, Tri-State Laundry Equipment can help.  Simply contact us through our website or give us a call at 866-885-5218.