Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tips for Maintaining Hotel Washing Machines

Here are a few tips from our experts for maintaining commercial laundry equipment, more specifically washing machines used in hotels. Keeping your commercial washing machine in good condition will help save money in repair and replacement costs, especially if you have multiple pieces of equipment.

·         Check the door lock and door seal daily for proper operation.
·         Wipe the door seal clean weekly.
·         Inspect the water inlet valve hose connections daily.
·         Allow the interior to dry by leaving the door open at the end of each day.
·         Check the drain discharge line to ensure proper drain operation.

Washers (Front- and Top-Load):
·         To avoid that "musty odor," let the washer drum dry by leaving the door open when not in use.
·         Every year, check the fill hose filter screens for debris or damage. Clean and/or replace the filters as needed.
·         Each month, check all of the hoses to each machine for signs of cracks, blisters, or significant wear. Replace worn or torn hoses immediately.

Keeping all of the parts of your hotel washing machine properly maintained helps reduce repair and replacement costs down the road. (Notes: if repairs are needed, we can help locate laundry parts). Also, though a hotel may have multiple machines, there is nothing worse than losing a machine and slowing down the process.
If your hotel also has self-serve coin laundry equipment, follow these same tips to keep them up and running!

If you have additional questions about maintaining your commercial washing machine, contact us today.

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